samedi 8 juin 2024

People to convene in Washington D.C. this Saturday, June 8, to draw Biden’s Red Line
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A month ago, Biden said in an interview that an invasion of Rafah would be a “red line,” and if violated, they would stop sending U.S. weapons to Israel. Since then, with Israel’s invasion and attack on Rafah, Biden, Blinken, and the spokespeople of the Biden administration have maintained that no red line had been crossed.

Alongside efforts to sanction the ICC for issuing arrest warrants for Israeli leaders, this claim is another event in a long tradition of the U.S. shunting responsibility for genocide in the realm of international law, from lynching in the U.S. South to Gaza today. Around the country, people of conscience are voicing their disagreement and disgust with the Biden administration’s unconditional support for Israel : Vice President Kamala Harris was disrupted during the taping of a late night show, and activists interviewed at the People’s Conference for Palestine last month in Detroit talked about the Uncommitted campaign, in which thousands withhold voting for Biden as a consequence of the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

This year marks the 57th anniversary of the occupation of Gaza, and this month marks eight months of current US-Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people, with Israeli forces bombing a UN-run school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, killing over 40 people, just this past Thursday, June 6th. Since Biden refuses to draw the line, people from across the country will convene in Washington D.C., to form a 2-mile long red line to show Biden and his administration that the people want an end to the shipments of weapons, an end to all U.S. aid to Israel, an end to this genocide, and an end to the occupation of Palestine.

As Hamas and Israel continue ceasefire negotiations, Hezbollah increases pressure in the North.

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